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SuperLite Plus

SupaLite Skylights are a premium range of skylight products which can be customised to suit your needs. Available in a range of standard sizes to suit any room or building that could benefit from additional light.


A SupaLite Skylight is a full skylight kit. It comprises the complete roof assembly consisting of the dome, the soaker tray and all exterior trim. The kit also includes 2 metres of flexible mylar light shaft, in addition to a slimline ceiling frame and a prismatic diffuser.


 The standard kit is supplied with all exterior flashings manufactured from robust, roofing quality zincalume.



Alternately customers may request these flashings be manufactured from any of the standard ColorbondĀ® finishes to match their existing roof finish.


All square and rectangular skylight domes are manufactured from flat profile Twinwall Polycarbonate which can be supplied in clear or opaque finish upon request. Prismatic diffusers are supplied standard on all skylights, although sqaure or rectangular Skylights can be supplied with opaque diffusers as an alternative.

In areas where skylights are required to comply with fire rating designations all square and rectangular skylights can be fabricated with our special  Firestop  feature whereby all exterior polycarbonate is replaced with non-combustible glass. Charges apply.

*Please note - All skylights are fabricated roof specific. Please detail roof type Corrugated, Tile or Deck profile. Also all rectangular skylights and roof windows will be fabricated to suit installation long side down fall of roof, unless otherwise specified

Blockout Skylights

The HandiLite Blockout Skylight utilises a unique, retractable Shade and Solor Blockout Blind combo that gives you complete control of how much light you let into your home.



While the Solar Blockout Blind features a reflective metallic coating on the inside of the skylight to eliminate both light and heat, the Shade Blind is designed with our unique shading material to soften light.


This versatile combo is ideal for bedrooms, bathrooms, kitchens, or anywhere you want complete control of how much light you let in.


Optional Blind Pole (1.2m - 3m) is also available.


*Please note - All skylights are fabricated roof specific. Please detail roof type Corrugated,

Tile or Deck profile.

 Retail Price ( Including GST)



Purchase Price

Additional Shaft

(per meter)

SK3R                                     300mm Round                                                    $258.21                                                                  $21.18


SK4R                                     400mm Round                                                    $286.00                                                                  $27.23


SK5R                                     500mm Round                                                    $448.11                                                                  $36.58


SK44                                  400mm x 400mm                                                   $400.63                                                                  $42.35

SK55                                  500mm x 500mm                                                   $475.89                                                                  $48.40

SK66                                  600mm x 600mm                                                   $522.21                                                                  $60.50


SK77                                  700mm x 700mm                                                   $555.79                                                                  $66.55


SK88                                  800mm x 800mm                                                   $629.89                                                                  $84.70


SK99                                  900mm x 900mm                                                   $720.21                                                                  $96.80


SK64                                  600mm x 400mm                                                   $475.89                                                                  $48.40

SK86                                  800mm x 600mm                                                   $567.37                                                                  $66.55


SK95                                  900mm x 500mm                                                   $567.37                                                                  $66.55

SK75                                  700mm x 500mm                                                   $522.21                                                                  $60.50



SK106                              1000mm x 600mm                                                   $629.89                                                                  $84.70


SK108                              1000mm x 800mm                                                   $720.21                                                                  $96.80


SK126                              1200mm x 600mm                                                   $731.79                                                                  $96.80

All Skylights will be fabricated to suit installation long side running down fall of roof unless otherwise specified.

Blockout Skylights



SK75                                  700mm x 500mm                                                   $730.63                                                                         $60.50


SK95                                  900mm x 500mm                                                   $775.79                                                                         $66.55




Colorbond                                                                                          $92.40


Static Venting                                                                                     $27.50


Blind Pole                                                                                           $38.50

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