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HandiLite Solar Roof Vents

Ventilation FAQ

The HandiLite Solar Roof Vent is the superior Roof Venting solution.


Designed with the harsh Australian climate in mind, the HandiLite Solar Roof Vent is manufactured from the highest grade materials.


The robust Soaker tray is ideal for installation to either a tile or corrugated roof and the slimline design means it will unobtrusive to the eye. Combined with its silent operation, the HandiLite Solar Vent is the obvious choice.



 • 5 Watt Solar Powered Extraction Fan


 • Suggested 1 Vent per 12 Square Home

150mm Solar Vent



8 Watt Solar Powered Extraction Fan


Suggested 1 Vent per 24 Square Home


200mm Solar Vent

200mm Deluxe

Thermostat controlled


10 Watt Solar Powered Extraction Fan


Lithium storage cell





 Retail Price ( Including GST)

Solar Roof Vents


Purchase Price

HLSV150              150mm Solar Vent                                                                                                                                                                $149.00

HLSV200              200mm Solar Vent                                                                                                                                                                $209.00

HLSV200P           200mm Deluxe Solar Vent                                                                                                                                                     $309.00

HandiLite Static Roof Vents

Sturdy, durable and made form the highest quality weather resistant materials, the HandiLite


Skylights Static Roof Vent offers all the performance of standard roof venting systems but in a slimline, low profile finish which is designed to complement your homes appearance.



The HandiLite Roof Vent is the economical solution for your roof ventilation requirements.


Passively reduces heat from Roof Cavity.


Superior thermal transmission.


Simple four step installation.


Australian Standards Compliant.


Modern, Sleek, Low Profile Design.


Suits Tile & Corrugated Roofs.

 Retail Price ( Including GST)

Static Roof Vent


Purchase Price

HLRV300                             300mm Round                                                                                                                                           $89.00

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