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Replacement Domes: Twinwall Polycarbonate

Customers may need to replace their existing skylight domes for a number of reasons. Damage, deterioration and age are all factors which can affect the structural integrity of the skylight.



When replacing existing skylight domes there are some issues to consider. Damaged domes are often old, and in many cases the home owner is unable to recall where the original dome was purchased.


The original manufacturer will most likely be the only party with access to the original mold. This can cause a few issues for the home owner. Usually, older domes are fabricated from molded or blown acrylic, and have a traditional ‘Dome’ shape.


 There is no way of replacing these fittings with the same 'dome' shape unless you can provide us with an undamaged sample of the dome. We can then use this dome as a template to have a new mold created. *Dimensions and drawings are insufficient to make an accurate mold. Even if an undamaged sample can be sourced, the cost of having a new mold made will most likely be in excess of $2000..


Given the costs involved, along with the fact that undamaged samples of the dome are difficult to procure, it is usual that replacing the damaged dome with an exact replica of the damaged dome is not feasible.

The best course of action for home owners that are determined to replace the damaged dome with an identical version is to attempt to find the original manufacturer. You could then ascertain if they are still in business and whether they still have access to the mold.



What we can do to assist home owners that have damaged domes is to replace the existing dome with a new flat piece of polycarbonate, complete with replacement metal trim around the edge. This is a quick and affordable solution for the customer.


In order to do this we need the customer to supply us with the EXACT dimensions of the existing upstand. PLEASE SEE THE REPLACEMENT DOME FORM TO EXPLAIN HOW THIS WILL WORK.  Giving us existing dome sizes, phalange widths, soaker dimensions or any other measurements is not helpful and will not assist us with fabrication.


We will not customize dome heights or oversize the dome overhang to match the old dome. These things don’t affect the performance of the unit. We will only make what the ‘Replacement Dome Information Sheet’ details. Available options are listed on this sheet.



*Please note - All skylights are fabricated roof specific. Please detail roof type Corrugated, Tile or Deck profile.

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